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Obagi® Medical Repair Foundation Kit

Obagi® Medical Repair Foundation Kit

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Take your skin back to basics with this gentle, soothing skincare kit from Obagi.

The Obagi Medical repair foundation kit comes with a variety of products that are designed to protect, soothe and moisturise your skin. 


Obagi Nu-Derm Gentle Cleanser (Full size)

Works to cleanse, hydrate, purify and soothe sensitive, dry and even itchy skin.  This mild gel formula nourishes without drying out the skin or leaving behind any residual product or greasy layer.  The hydration results from apricot kernel oil, while the soothing effect is experienced from the aloe vera extract.  Additionally, through the antiseptic and anti-oxidant qualities of sage extract, further signs of premature skin ageing may be prevented through the daily use of this cleanser.  Skin feels soft, smooth, clean, comfortable and prepared.


Hydrate Moisturiser (Full size) 

Immediate and gradual moisture delivery.  This non-occlusive, non-comedogenic hydrator avoids blocking the skin (resulting in the commonly known blackhead appearance) and reduces water loss on the surface of your skin.  It also retains water, continuously releasing the active moisturising compounds within the skin encouraging overall skin health. Used within the Nu-Derm Transformation Systems as an all-around moisturiser, but particularly in the reaction phase of easing into the System, it can also be used as a stand-alone product.


Sun Shield Matte SPF50 Broad Spectrum (Full size)

Defends delicate and exposed skin from the harmful UVA (ageing) and UVB (burning).  Our skin may seem robust but underlying changes require a resistant defence against the harm caused by sun exposure.  This lightweight formula absorbs quickly and without greasy or chalky residue, allowing for the addition of makeup or makeup-free complexion!  This product contains ubiquinone to help tauten up the skin and neutralise free radicals whilst Vitamin C brightens, leaving skin ready to guard against the sun’s damaging effects.

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